A Short Overview of an Architectural Photography Shoot

A Short Overview of an Architectural Photography Shoot - Diggles Photography

An architectural photography session typically involves capturing images of buildings, structures, and other architectural elements. The aim is to showcase the design, unique features, and functionality of the building, as well as its relationship with the surrounding environment.

To achieve this, an architectural photography session usually consists of several stages, including planning, site visits, and the actual photography shoot. Before the photography session, the photographer will need to have a clear understanding of the client's goals and vision for the images. This may involve discussing the intended use of the photos, the desired style and mood, and any specific requirements or preferences.


During the planning stage, the photographer will work with the client to determine the best time of day for the shoot, taking into account factors such as the position of the sun and the building's orientation. They will also consider weather conditions and other factors that can affect lighting, such as the season and time of year.

Site Visit

During the site visit, the photographer will get a chance to assess the building and surrounding environment, identify unique features and perspectives, and determine the best camera angles, lighting, and equipment to use during the shoot. They will also communicate with the client to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the client's goals and any particular requirements for the images.

Photography Session

The actual photography shoot will typically involve the use of specialized equipment, such as technical cameras or tilt/shift lenses, to capture the building's unique features and angles effectively. The photographer will use various lighting techniques to create the desired mood and atmosphere, including experimentation with lighting, exposure, and composition.

In addition to capturing images of the building itself, the photographer may also incorporate people, objects, and other elements to add context and visual interest to the photos. For example, including people in the photos can add a sense of scale and human presence to the building.

Post Production

After the photography session, the photographer will typically process the images, selecting the best shots and editing them to enhance their quality and impact. This may involve adjusting color balance, contrast, and sharpness, as well as removing any unwanted elements or distractions from the images.

Overall, an architectural photography session is a collaborative process that involves careful planning, site visits, and attention to detail.

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