Estes Park Health

Photography for Bas1s Architecture and Saunders Heath — Estes Park Health Urgent Care

Bas1s Architecture + Design is a well known firm in Estes Park, Colorado. They’ve been involved in the design of many landmarks in the area including the Estes Park Visitors Center, YMCA of the Rockies, Alpine Visitor’s Center, and Our Lady of the Mountains church.

Alarado is a mixed-use development that includes Estes Park Health’s Urgent Care facility on the lower level plus apartments on the upper level. Bas1s also designed the functional and welcoming spaces inside the Urgent Care facility including the reception area, nurses station, and rehab center. The bold colors and modern design of the building’s facade pushes the boundaries of architecture in Estes Park.

This project provided a number of photography related challenges.

To get a straight on shot of the complete building we had to use the parking garage as our vantage point–which is about 1/3 of a mile away. We also photographed the building with a drone for images that couldn’t be taken any other way.

Since this is a new construction project, there was still work being done on the street surrounding the building. The landscaping is new which means the trees are also staked. These distractions were removed with extensive retouching.

Some of the interior spaces have a lot of sunlight coming in through the windows and others do not have any windows. When the light sources are vastly different like this it can be quite challenging to get the colors to match from room to room. Our lighting, composition, and post production workflow balances out the interior scenes to ensure the color and detail within each space is represented accurately.


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