Professional Headshots for the Office Staff at Lincoln Automation's Fort Collins Location

Professional headshots by Warren Diggles. Professional photos for the staff at Lincoln Electric.

The HR department at Lincoln Automation's Fort Collins, Colorado location contacted us to get professional headshots of 25 people on their staff. To make scheduling as easy as possible for the employees, we brought our mobile studio to their location on two different days.

Lincoln decided to go with two different background colors– blue and gray. They wanted people to have a choice and more than one color on the website team page helps mix it up a little. We currently have 11 colors in stock, but are able to order in additional colors if needed.

On photography days, each person was scheduled for 15 minutes. This is a good amount of time to get a photo taken without feeling rushed. During each session, people reviewed their pictures on our computer which made it easy for them to choose their favorite right then and there.

Professional headshots by Warren Diggles. A behind the scenes look at our mobile portrait studio.
A behind the scenes look at our mobile portrait studio.

Lincoln saved their staff hours of productivity by having us bring our studio equipment to their location. Another benefit is we are able to create consistent lighting that we can match in the future, whether it is on location or at our studio.

Our professional headshot pricing always includes retouching. Each person chooses one final image and gets 2 digital files– 1 file formatted for printing purposes and another file formatted for web purposes.

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