Structural Steel

Construction Architecture Photography for BK Welding

BK Welding is a construction company located in Northern Colorado. They fabricate and install the structural steel for retail buildings, restaurants, places of worship, schools, and Government facilities.

BK Welding hires us to photograph buildings during the construction phase and also after completion. They put together a list of projects they wanted to add to their portfolio and we take care of the rest. When needed, we contact the General Contractors and building owners to make arrangements for gaining access to the site.

General Contractors


Construction Videos

When done right, video footage is a powerful tool for making it clear what types of projects your construction company works on. Here is a website hero video we created for BK Welding to put on the homepage of their website:

Construction Photography for Your Portfolio

If you are a construction company like BK Welding and would like to get professional photography for your portfolio, we’re here to help. Call us at (970) 744-3611 or contact us through email.

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