Marketing Photography for the Town of Windsor

Marketing Photography for Municipalities

The marketing and communications department for the Town of Windsor hired us to create updated marketing photography. The purpose of the images is to help people learn more about the amenities, facilities, and beauty of Windsor that many don’t realize is there.

The images they asked us to create included the Windsor Town Hall, Windsor Police Station, Public Services Campus, Windsor Mill, and Boardwalk Park.

Windsor Town Hall

The Windsor Town Hall building is located on 301 Walnut Street. It was heavily damaged during the Windsor Tornado in 2008. As you can see, it has been restored and looks fantastic now.

Marketing photography by Warren Diggles. Windsor Town Hall.
The front of the building is in the shade for most of the day so we photographed this image at sunset.

Windsor Police Station

My studio is located just a couple blocks away from the Windsor Police Station. I admire the architectural design every time I drive by. It was very exciting to get an opportunity to photograph it for the Town of Windsor.

Marketing photography by Warren Diggles. Windsor Police Station.
The most notable feature of the Windsor Police Station by Roth Sheppard Architects is the vast overhang on the east side of the building. This municipal architecture project was designed by Roth Sheppard Architects. Dohn Construction was the general contractor.

Windsor Public Services Campus

The Windsor Public Services Campus houses a variety of departments for the Town of Windsor including the parks, recreation, and public works. The design centerpiece and most recognizable feature of the Windsor Public Services Campus is the water tank.

Marketing photography by Warren Diggles. Windsor Public Services Campus.
This images was created in a panoramic format to include the administrative building and some of the shops in the background. FCI Constructors was the general contractor on this project.

Windsor Mill

We were originally hired by the structural steel contractor, BK Welding, to photograph the Windsor Mill for their portfolio. When we showed the image to the Town of Windsor, they loved it and asked if they could use it for their marketing as well. BK Welding was happy to share it.

Marketing photography by Warren Diggles. Windsor Mill.
The Windsor Mill was still under construction when we photographed it so we had to make creative use of the cars driving by. The truck on the left is covering up a dumpster and the truck on the right is covering up some barricades. The jeep and other car in the middle are covering up grand opening signs.

Boardwalk Park

The bronze statue installation of an early Windsor agricultural family is an icon of Boardwalk Park. Although this isn't a traditional architectural photograph, artwork does play an integral role in many architectural designs.

Marketing photography by Warren Diggles. Windsor Boardwalk Park.
Larger than life size bronze sculpture of sugar beet farmers by Austin Weishel.

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